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September 03 2008

Sep 6

HAM Radio Testing (Sponsored by KU5E)

15:30 760 N. Lakemont Avenue, Orlando, Fl Add this event to a calendar application
Everybody is welcomed

When and Where?

Testing is held once per month. The test takes place around 15:30 (3:30 PM) on the first Saturday of every month. In Winter Park near the intersection of Lakmont and Aloma.

The location for the test will be:

Winter Park Christian Church
760 N. Lakemont Avenue
Orlando Fl 32792

Map Link

What Do I Need?

The following items are all you need to bring to a test site:

A photcopy of a pictured ID.
Pencil/Calculator (No PDAs)
$14.00 Cash. (Exact change would be great as changing bills is difficult at best sometimes.)
Copies of any licenses or Certificate of Completion for prior tests (CSCE).

What Tests are Available?

Element 2 - Technician written exam. 35 questions, multiple-choice. Requires 26 correct answers to pass.
Element 3 - General written exam. 35 questions, multiple choice. Requires 26 correct answers to pass.
Element 4 - Amateur Extra written exam. 50 questions, multiple choice. Requires 37 correct answers to pass


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